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I decided to work from my own character concept; an elven druid. She has a lot of influences from ‘Dragon Age’ and ‘Dungeons and Dungeons’ so these were my main points of guidance during her creation. I knew I wanted to do something stylised and fantasy themed so referenced some of my favourite fictional worlds.
Furthermore, I wanted a supporting prop to help pose the character and further enhance the low-level character concept word– hence deciding on a staff that I believe pushes the concept further; the concept simply being ‘Druid’

Pose 1:

Pose 2:

From a distance the face looks a little long due to the open mouth and teeth not standing out enough. I should have modelled her with her mouth closed and I would like to sculpt the inside of her mouth in the future. The staff was very last minute and thus had very little work put into it from research to modelling and texturing; despite this, I believe I made it work and it fits the theme; helping sell the concept. If I made it again I would have considered sculpting the wood grain to add a normal map. The hair feels a little flat and under sculpted; another area I am still learning, I would ensure the areas that surround the face had more volume in the future as it only adds to how long to face feels. Furthermore, I’d look into other sculpted hair models; most of which use smaller strands to add detail. Although I don’t dislike how I painted the flowers and leaves, I feel as if they don’t match the style of the rest of the character so could have been done with being sculpted in and baked onto planes.

I choose a stylised approach due to time constraints and ease, but it may have been a better idea to do something more realistic to allow the exploration of more materials and to learn how to create hair planes. 

Rigging and skinning was not very accurate and caused a few problem with posing; especially in the hands. 

 I could have sculpted detail for the straps onto the model rather than hand paint them all in Substance, but decided against it to keep retopology lower and to follow a hand painted detailing approach.

My biggest problem I encountered was time constraints; feeling rushed to get this finished alongside my other University projects that were very demanding. I’m happy with what I managed to get done in the time, but can not help but see where I could have improved had I put the effort in. I feel as if my textures are the weakest part of the model; not having much experience with hand painted textures and not being entirely sure what styles to relate to. If I worked on this again I would put more time into researching other game and artist styles to better understand what styles are out there so I can develop my own. The strongest part I believe, would be the overall emotive presence I conveyed with the character. Happy with the chosen poses which I think show of the character and their personality well. I also like the overall concept I created, I just wish I had executed it better. In conclusion, I am I happy of what I accomplished in the time I had to work on this model, but hope to improve it greatly in the future.


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